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An Independent Muslim Girls Secondary School in Leeds

Now Taking Admissions for September 2024


Our Vision and Ethos

To provide a well-rounded education allowing our girls to grow intellectually, become confident about their faith and values and develop into confident, responsible and inspiring young women. To ensure superb pastoral care in a safe, caring environment.


In order to achieve this vision, we aim to produce young adults who are:

  • Confident and active ambassadors of education and faith.
  • Upstanding members of society who enrich life for themselves and others.
  • Exemplary in character and manners and confident of their identity as British Muslims.
  • Outstanding in academia and knowledge.
  • Future leaders of communities, businesses, professions, institutions and the educators of future generations.
  • Able to demonstrate Islam in Britain, as part of the diverse and multi-cultural society that we live in, a welcome part, and to show we live British values through the practice of our faith.
Al Kauthar Al Kauthar Al Kauthar Al Kauthar Al Kauthar Al Kauthar